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Daisies in STEM - Rocket Science

Rockets always spark the imagination and are a great way to kick off our Girl Scout meetings. There are many different ways to make rockets. We need to identify materials to build the rocket body and an energy source. First we made paper rockets powered by air. The girls decorated a strip of paper, rolled it into a tube and sealed one end. The rocket was powered by blowing air through a straw.

The second rocket was made from empty mini m&m canister, powered by carbon dioxide gas. To prepare the rockets empty and clean the mini m&m canisters, clip the small hinge that is holding the lid to detach it from the canister, but keep the lid in place. The rocket tip is made from a cone of paper wrapped in aluminum foil. The tip is glued to the bottom of the canister with a hot glue gun. The girls had fun decorating the rockets with stickers.

It was an opportunity to practice being honest and fair, which is the first girl scouts rule.

To power the rockets, place a teaspoon of water in the rocket, add alka seltzer, and close the lid tightly. Carbon dioxide gas will build up in the rocket and send it into the air.

The last rocket we built was made from a large cardboard box powered by imagination. Working together the girls decorated the rocket, and added the control panel inside. This was by far the best rocket and the girls took turns flying to the moon!

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