Science for Preschoolers - Roly Poly

I have so many potato bugs in my garden, I decided to have some fun with them. Yesterday evening I collected as many as I could and placed them in a box with a perforated lid, then added dirt and some cucumber slices. I found some really cool facts about potato bugs known as roly poly (they are also called pill bugs, wood louse, armadillo bug): they are crustaceans, they breath through their gills, they molt when they grow, roly poly momthers carry thier eggs in a pouch, they curl into a ball when they are scared, they eat their own poop (to get copper), they turn blue when they are sick and their blood is blue. The kids made a choice chamber for the bugs by adding a wet paper to one side of

Science for Preschoolers - Rainbow Activity

I wanted to do this activity for a while, and this was a perfect sunny day... There are different ways to make rainbows, but one that never fails is holding a CD/DVD against the sun. A perfect rainbow will form on the ground. To learn how to filter the colors from the sunlight, I cut a star-shaped hole in a black cardboard paper and gave the kids colorful cellophane paper. They covered the hole with cellophane and were delighted to see how everything changes color when they look through the star. I also showed them how to create a colorful star image on the ground by letting the sunlight go through the star. To finish this activity I prepared a Kool-Aid baking soda rainbow: I placed cool aid

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