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Science for Preschoolers - Solar Oven

It's summer - hot and sunny. Perfect for learning about solar energy.

We made solar ovens and baked pizza!

These ovens are so easy to make, and they really work.

I prepared the oven boxes by cutting a flap in the lid of small flat boxes. Since the activity is for 3-5 years old, I also taped a Ziploc bag onto the hole that was formed by cutting the flap.

The kids lined the bottom of the box with black construction paper (to absorb the heat), and placed rolled newspaper along the sides of the box (the newspaper acts as an insulator). After decorating the solar oven, they glued aluminum foil onto the flap.

Solar ovens are ready!

Every kid made a pizza slice by spreading tomato sauce on pizza crust, and sprinkling cheese on top. Pizza goes into the oven...

Solar ovens at work

About 30 minutes later, we had a yummy pizza snack

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