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Science for Preschoolers- Fairy Garden

School year started, and winter is around the corner. It's time to sow seeds and learn how plants germinate and grow. In addition to starting our winter vegetable garden, we also made a couple of fairy gardens. This is a favorite activity, so this year I chose to use two plastic water tables for our fairy garden. After a quick trip to the local crafts store to buy small wooden items and plenty of stickers, and a bag of mixed beans from the grocery store, we were ready to start.

The stickers were great, because they are easy for small hands to handle and they readily adhere to the wood. Last year I used Elmer’s glue and plastic flowers, which ended up being too challenging for the young kids.

After decorating the garden accessories, the plastic water tables were filled with potting soil and all the items were placed on the soil. Finally a generous amount of beans were added.

Now we just need to water and wait. The beans should sprout within 7-10 days.

In addition, we compared the shape and size of different vegetable seeds and sowed them in our winter garden. It will be great to watch everything become green again as the seeds germinate, and will be awesome fun when it is time to harvest.

A month later the garden is lively green ...

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